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logistics equipment


Logistics Sorting System

VIPAC DWS from VITRNIOC is the system that sorts parcels and air cargo by deciding the volume and codes from them. Even when the conveyed parcels are touching together, the system checks the height difference or the gap between the parcels to correctly identify the quantity.


Flexible AGV, Picking-related Devices

SS SCHAEFER produces AGV(Automated Guided Vehicles) named Weasel, which is compact, powerful, and free from access restriction. It transports totes, cartons, and samll parts along an optically designated lane which can be quickly and easily applied. Weasel can be integrated into existing intralogistics solution. In addition to Weasel, vertical storage lift LogiMat is available to save storage space, reduce travel time, and support operator’s performance in ergonomic way.


Logistics-, Conveying-related Facilities

Digital picking cart all made of aluminum to reduce the weight, is equpped with dedicated battery, computer, and barcode scanner. NIC supplys logistics-related facilities, such as roller conveyer, chain conveyor, overhead cart system, directional changing conveyor, and other peripherals for automated warehouse system which have already installed in major logistics companies.