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Production equipment

Sensor Instruments

High-powered Color Sensor

Sensor Instruments (Germany) is the expert in optical measurement technology for various production lines such as worldwide automotive industry’s. Their color sensor Spectro3 Series is a smart sensor equipped with microchip. It uses CIE L”a”b color spaces method which decides a distance in Uniform Color Space by making three elements of color into color solid, and uses their unique algorithm to determine similar colors which are different to distinguish in human eye, aiming to integrate the lines in any production scene.

Sensor Instruments

Color & Gloss Sensor

Sensor Instruments (Germany) develops and produces sensors in the IR, visible, and UV range, which are to inspect and measure distance, thichness, position, color, gloss, and contrast, fluorescence. Especially, their color sensor can detect color difference less than delta E 1.0 which is imperceptible to human eye. In addition to those sensors, they produces sensors for authenticity inspection.




High-performance Universal Coating Machine

Tipton is a manufacture of automated coating machine for confectionery products. It is applicable for powder coating for candies and gummies, chocolate coating and sugar coating. By utilizing the machine, candy and mold formed chocolate can be reformed (form into different shape).


Candy-Gum Production & Forming System

Exeuctive in Italy is a facility manufacturer for producing gum and candy. They have specialized range of complete forming lines which includes pre-extruders, extruders as well as any kind of application for multiple use. Especially, Exective is strong in forming process of tablet gum and center-in which have installed in major Western confectionery companies such as WRIIGLEY, Cadbury, and in Japanese confectionery companies as well.


High-speed Pillow-pack Machine

Eurosicma of Italy specializes in building machinery for horizontal pillow wrapping.For candy packaging, their system has been adapted in major Japanese and medium-sized confectionery companies. Candies can be packed 1500-2000 pieces per minute, depending on the heat sealing performance, packing materials and various environments.

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